What is “Prayed” function?


In short, “Prayed” function is the function “To send your Daimoku to others”.

You can tap heart mark to do “Prayed” to send your Daimoku, if you chanted for them.

Even if your Daimoku is only 3 times, please send Daimoku with “Prayed” function.

“Prayed” image

User who was “Prayed”, can received “Prayed” notification, and feel Daimoku from others.

“Prayed” notification

Members often chant Daimoku each other, and send Daimoku each other. If someone got in some difficult situations, local members chant Daimoku for him/her together.

“Prayed” function enables users to send Daimoku online.

You can “Prayed” after 3 hours have passed since last “prayed” to the same items or users. So, you can “Prayed” in the morning practice and in the evening. You can also cancel your “Prayed” within 10 seconds.

Another way to use “Prayed”

“Prayed” function is basically implemented to send your Daimoku to others, but you can “Prayed” on your own prayers too.

Even if you don’t publish your prayers, you can deposit your “Prayed” on your prayers to visualize your chanting results.

For example, you have already “Prayed” more than 100 times, and how is the actual situation and status. Is it going to solving your problem, or is there any progresses? You can look back in this way.

Please actively use “Prayed” function.

Comment function on prayers

In the same way, you can comment on your own prayers, this is the function to cheer up other SGI members though.

While chanting and practicing, you can comment or write your situation on your prayer. Then, you can look back your progress by text data.

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