When you feel not to chant Daimoku


Sometimes you feel not to chant Daimoku, like not willing to or just be tired… I sometimes feel this way. Even if we are trying to achieve something…

One of my friend I respect, who are chanting and acting for others a lot, said to me that he also had some time cannot sit down in front of Gohonzon, too.

We are just a human and it is difficult for us (at lease me) to keep our faith by ourselves lonely. I think that’s why there is organizations that we can learn together, cheer up each other, and chant Daimoku together.

When we don’t feel to chant Daimoku, if we receive notifications from others of “Prayed” on DAIMOKU PRO, maybe this can be a chance to make determinations again.

It is natural not to feel to chant Daimoku some time (at least for me), you can just open DAIMOKU PRO to see others’ prayers, and feel others challenges. And if you felt something like, “this person is challenging his/her karma, maybe this is the time for me to make a determination and try again.”, then just start chanting again.

Or if seeing current chanting users and imagine their backgrounds or their challenges, and if it gives you anything courages, you can just start chanting Daimoku again.

One of my thinking put into this app

There is also other things I was thinking, that is how can I cheer up someone who are not familiar with local districts. I was designing this app while thinking this above.

This is a story when I was visiting local district members as a local leader. There are some people whom we couldn’t meet and contact. If we could meet or contact by any ways, it is okay even if they are not able to attend any meeting, because it is temporary and we can cheer up each other.

But how and what we could do for someone who are not reachable? I was very worried at this point.

DAIMOKU PRO can be a help for this.

If someone who couldn’t be familiar with local districts and rejected to take contacts with them, start to use this app at any chance, they can received DAIMOKU notifications from other SGI members, and it can encourage them.

Maybe there are similar SGI members online with someone who couldn’t be familiar with local district or unreachable by local districts. Encouragement from those who are similar with them can reach them and encourage them.

When I was in future division

One of sentences of Sensei in my mind. That is “Even if you are early quitter and quit by three days, it will be one month if you make determine and try 10 times.” Sure enough.

The thing is “Make determinations again and again even if you fail many times.”.

As one of my stories, I had some times close to give up to develop this app. I hated myself who hardly had skills, knowledges, and experiences. But everytime I feel so, I reminded this Sensei’s words, people around of me who are helping me, and my spirits which I want to provide through this app, and could make determinations again and again, and finally reached to release this app.

Challenges are comes after too. I will continue to improve this app to provide values to users.

When we can determine

Then, how I could make determinations again everytime when I couldn’t feel to chant Daimoku? I considered my experiences back.

Maybe because of friends encouragements for me, words of “I am chanting Daimoku for you”, when I touched others challenges and Taiken(experiences of this Nichiren-Buddhism), when having dialogs with others, when I encouraging others, when looking back my past challenges and remembering my feeling at that time, when reading Seikyo newspaper, and so on.

When I joined a company and at the first 2 years, I couldn’t attend almost any meetings of local districts, and was a little apart from them, I had a little suffering and finally attended a local meeting.

At the meeting, heard other’s Taiken, sang a song together, felt others vitalities which comes from Daimoku, and felt like “hum, what I was doing without Daimoku, This is the time to make a strong determination again!!”. I felt others’s vitalities coming from Daimoku, it was just great without any words.

So, I was thinking that the time we can make determinations is when we touch other’s vitalities comes from Daimoku, and face-to-face is the best way for sure. However, we can make determinations through reading Taiken or words of Sensei online as well. So it is okay to cheer up each other through an app as well.

DAIMOKU PRO can hopefully promote numerous determinations through functions such as “Currently Chanting User”, “Prayed”, and “Published Prayers”. I want to grow this app in this way!!

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