03. Prayers Management

How To

Prayers item list screen

Prayer list screen image

1: In the Prayer section, Tap Navigation Title. Here you can see all your prayers and their status such as “Completed”, “Canceled” and so on.
2: Go to Prayer setting screen.
3: Prayer Item Card

Contents of prayer item card

  • On the right, there is a “Prayed” icon.
  • By tapping the heart icon, you can choose to “Prayed” for each prayer.
  • At the bottom, there is the options of “Commented”, and “Shared”, etc.
  • By tapping comment you can add a comment for the selected prayer and using the share icon, you can choose to “share” its detail on your screen.

Create new / Edit / Delete

When you tap a prayer item card, you go to the prayer detail screen. On the prayer detail screen, you can edit, delete, or check the detail of “Prayed”, “Commented” and “Shared”.

Create new prayer screen image

The above image is when you select “Create New”.

Status management

Each prayer item on Daimoku PRO has 2 types of status i.e. “Open Status” and “Prayer Status”. You can also publish your prayer and make it visible to Public using “Open Status” or keep it private. Finally, you may also choose to set “On-Going”, “Completed”, “Canceled”, and “Pending” on “Prayer Status” to show the progress of your chanting for that particular prayer. The default status when you create new items, are “Private” and “On-Going”. You can change the way your default status appears as well.

Show on Home

There are many unique things and people we wish to pray for, but sometimes we want to focus on certain prayer items. For this, we have created the function of “show on home”. You can chant for these items directly from your Home screen without switching screens.

Review your past prayers

The prayer items whose status is NOT “On-Going”, are not displayed on the default screen, allowing you to focus on only those items you are chanting now. However, if you want to review these items you can easily do this by tapping the navigation title and selecting show all other “Prayer Status” items.

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