07. Share your prayers

How To

Users can publish the prayer items that they want other members to pray for. You can also pray for other users’ prayer items.

Please note that when you publish it, all users who have installed this app will be able to see it.

How to share the prayer items

Share prayer screen image

To share a prayer item, change the “Public Status” to “Public” from the prayer item detail screen.

“Prayed” to prayer items

All users can pray for the public prayer items. You can do this by tapping the heart icon displayed on the right side of the prayer item.

When you have chanted Daimoku for your friend’s or public prayer items, please tap this icon.

Users who received “Prayed”, will be able to find out in the app notifications that they have been prayed for, which can be an encouragement.

“Prayed” to prayer items of your friend

Prayed icon screen image

”Prayed” for the same item and the same user is only once every three hours.

You can do the “Prayed” in the morning practice, and then you can do the “Prayed” in the evening as well. Each time we do, the number of “Prayed” increases.

You can also “Prayed” for your own prayer items. The more days you pray, the more “Prayed” you will receive from yourself and other users.

Comments on prayer items

For example, if there is a user who has a similar problem and you want to encourage him/her more, please “comment” on his/her prayer item. The content can be, for example, showing you are understand the suffering from the same problem, and encouraging him/her.

Comment on a prayer screen image

The comment icon on the prayer item card shows the number of comments. When you tap it, you will move to the comment screen of the prayer item.

You can send an encouraging comment here. Please note that this comment will be available for all users to review.

In the real world, when community members say, “I’m chantind Daimoku for you,” or “I sent Daimoku for you,” it makes me happy and energized, and since there are people supporting me, I think I’ll work harder, pray more seriously, and act more.

Through DAIMOKU PRO, it becomes possible to encourage each other with people from all over the world.

“Shared” prayer items

If you want to further support the user or the prayer item, please “share” the prayer item.

When a prayer item is “shared”, it will also appear in the friend’s prayer item field of the user who shared it.

This will also make that “Prayed” would be getuered to users from all over the world. I think that by gathering 10,000,000 “Prayed” to users, they will realize that they are protected by “Daimoku from all over the world” and will have the courage to take up the challenge. Hopefully.

Share a prayer screen image

The share icon on the Prayer Item Card shows the number of times it has been shared.

You can share that prayer item by tapping here. You can also share on the share details screen.


Even if you didn’t “Prayed” for the prayer items, I think they can be an encouragement to users with similar concerns. I’m hoping it will be the ultimate encouragement app.

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