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Feature List

Thank you for using DAIMOKU PRO. First of all, please read this article when you start using DAIMOKU PRO Currently, DAIMOKU PRO is available in Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Korean, and Chinese. I would like to translate world wide languages more. If you can support us, please let us know from contact page.Thank you. 1. Record Daimoku2. Record Past Daimoku3. Prayer Management4. Target Management5. Record Result6. Friend and Chat7. Share prayers8. Prayed for...

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What is “Prayed” function?

In short, “Prayed” function is the function “To send your Daimoku to others”. You can tap heart mark to do “Prayed” to send your Daimoku, if you chanted for them. Even if your Daimoku is only 3 times, please send Daimoku with “Prayed” function. User who was “Prayed”, can received “Prayed” notification, and feel Daimoku from others. Members often chant Daimoku each other, and send Daimoku each other. If someone got in some difficult situations,...